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San Juan Keeps Sparkling With the Serafina Beach Hotel By ICRAVE

Updated: Aug 31, 2018

Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria, but that fact only encouraged the team behind the Serafina Beach Hotel, a 65,000-square-foot gem in the Condado district of San Juan, to continue full steam ahead on the project. ICRAVE worked with local firm LA Architects on the hotel, which now serves as a hopeful symbol of the area's path forward. “Luckily, almost everything had been delivered prior to Maria,” says ICRAVE director Jesse MacDougall.

“If you keep the project moving, you keep people working," MacDougall continues. "This was the first new hotel to open after Maria, and there were people counting on those jobs. We were lucky to have weathered the storm.”

The 96 guest rooms, furnished in a oceanic palette of greens and greys, boast new floor-to-ceiling windows looking across the Atlantic to the north or the Laguna del Condado to the south. Even better views are offered at the Amare restaurant’s alfresco dining terrace and at the glamorous pool deck. Furnishings blend mid-century and post-modern styles, with work from local artists providing a true sense of place.

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