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Peter Marino Channels Chanel with Show-stopping Stores in Istanbul and Tokyo.

The front plaza’s marble pavers surround a reflecting pool lined in granite at the Peter Marino-designed Chanel store in Istanbul.

Talk about a banner year...and a half. That’s what it’s been for Interior Design Hall of Fame member Peter Marino and his longtime client Chanel—a col­laboration that’s a quarter century old, so far. Peter Marino Architect has just completed a renovation of the Paris flagship, near Coco Chanel’s original boutique, atelier, and apartment, and a renovation of a Chanel boutique in New York. And there’s more. “We received commissions for four build­ings, all ground-up,” Marino begins. “That’s powerful.” A Chanel building in Seoul, South Korea, is imminent and another in Chicago has debuted. Also recently opened are Istanbul and Tokyo, both projects extraordinary for their approach, he notes: “The number-one goal was not high-volume sales but image creation.” He therefore worked outside-in, starting with facades that are real showstoppers.

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